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heartilyv3's Journal

14 May 1988
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H'okay...new bio people. :)

So...full-time college student, part-time...well...double part-time now...retail person...do-hickey. Haha. I've been working part-time at GameStop, with some kickass management experience under my belt to show for it, since I was 18 years old. Now, I just got a second part-time job at Bath and Body Works in the mall closest to my new school.

I decided to go balls deep and shoot directly for the goal, and not some other cheap way toward it because I'm afraid of failure. So, finally a Film major. :) I still think Business will be a fine investment to me resume, so I'll be pursuing a degree in business as well.

I'm an artist, a gamer, a musician, and an angry ball of woman all rolled into one. I'm short tempered and impatient. Quite impulsive from time to time too...oh, and...did I mention impatient?

I have a puppy named Zack, and a boyfriend named John. I'm still trying to find the difference between the two. Teehee.

I come from a ginormous family and because of that I've noticed I am the queen of interesting stories.

I like anime, comics, foreign films, especially Japanese horror films, singing in the shower, and pretending that Guitar Hero really DOES make me cool.

Star Trek and Star Wars are just as awesome as the other to me, while not the same. Any of you Trekkies or Skywalkerians feel the need to bombard my journal with angry accusations for my taste in both, then...prepare for a face full of fist.

Oh, and lastly, but not least..."The West Wing" is my FAVORITE show of all time, with "The Big Bang Theory" coming to a close second.